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HDPE Pipes & Fittings
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Faqson International Industries is one of the leading HDPE pipe manufacturers of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE pipe) in the industry. We have been providing the best HDPE PIPE and we serve globally as the best hdpe pipe manufacturers based on client requirement.

Rightly designed and properly laid HDPE pipe systems are practically maintenance free and warrant a minimum life of 50 Years.

HDPE Pipe Manufacturers are available in 3 grades such as PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 with pressure ratings as PN-2.5, PN-4, PN-6, PN-8, PN-10, PN-12.5, PN-16 and PN-20, all sizes are available. Coiled pipes are available from 20mm – 110mm diameter in specific pressure ratings.


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HDPE Pipe Manufacturers when compared to conventional pipes like GI, MS, CI and concrete pipes offer a lot more in terms of performance.
Drinkable water sometimes needs to be transported from one location to another. Transportation includes state to state, or country to country.
Industrial wastewater has very variable quality and volume depending on the type of industry producing it.
When you are looking to learn about the different types of drainage pipe taking wastewater to and from your property.
supply piping systems to multitude of applications and service conditions within the chemical and industrial marketplace.
This response assumes that the water catchment area is suitably protected and only deals with the actual borehole itself.

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