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HDPE Pipe Manufacturers are available in 3 grades such as PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 with pressure ratings as PN-2.5, PN-4, PN-6, PN-8, PN-10, PN-12.5, PN-16 and PN-20, all sizes are available. Coiled pipes are available from 20mm – 110mm diameter in specific pressure ratings. And lenght pipes are available up to 450 mm in different lenghts, diameter and pressure ratings, as per the client requirements.
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Drinkable water sometimes needs to be transported from one location to another. Transportation includes state to state, or country to country. The Department of Health regulates what is safe and what is not. Below are some precautions and guidelines used to transport water in extreme situations.
This response assumes that the water catchment area is suitably protected and only deals with the actual borehole itself. Many older boreholes or wells consist simply of a submersible pump and its connecting pipework sunk into a hole in the ground. This arrangement can allow debris from the ground to drop down and potentially contaminate the water or block the pump inlet.
Industrial wastewater has very variable quality and volume depending on the type of industry producing it. It may be highly biodegradable or not at all, and may or may not contain compounds recalcitrant to treatment. These include organic synthetic substances or heavy metals whose content in developing countries’ wastewater may be considerably different (in quantity and quality) from that of developed ones.
When you are looking to learn about the different types of drainage pipe taking wastewater to and from your property, you need to understand how the entire system works. Starting with the different types of a sewer being used, there are three commonly used types of sewer in operation.
Faqson International Industries supplies piping systems to a multitude of applications and service conditions within the chemical and industrial marketplace. Whether centrifugally cast or filament wound, epoxy or vinyl ester, we have the product and process to provide a fit-for-purpose system for every need.
HDPE Fittings available in sizes from ½” to 18”, produced in-house and also arranged through imports are suitable for use with PE products in water, oil and gas, and other applications. These fittings are generally manufactured for compression type, fabrication and jointing. These fittings are durable and made from 100% virgin material and thoroughly tested for better performance.

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